Thank you science, the hipster cool elektronisk sigarett has hit the stores…!

A thrilling dream has eventually come into being. In a few days my wife and mine web shop will be open for the very 1. time!! I simply can not stop smiling. I haven’t been sleeping for weeks only because I have been so extremely crazy with anticipation!! But in a short while the really boring wait is FINALLY over. I really hope our shop is going to be turning a profit!! I am sure that I have selected a top of the pops product that surely is able to attract costumers!! In our online store all kinds of people can locate and buy a modern sort of elektronisk sigarett [] – the so-called e sigarett [] – and furthermore we will be offering the e liquid []… In recent years a high amount of men and women have begun to try out the e sigarett! These men and women have started to realize the up sides that follow smoking an elektronisk sigarett. The e sigarett is not nearly as bad for you as the normal one…! So more and more it becomes ”everyday business” to light up an e sigarett… Definitely in the beginning people found the elektronisk sigarett so un cool but today our giant hope is that the e sigarett isn’t so odd anymore! That most people somehow adjusted to it.

A whole lot of money has been poured into this shop. So of course we very much pray to that smokers are going to love the elektronisk sigarett – and buy the cigaret in our newly launched shop! I also believe this is the most likely reason behind why I have slept awfully recently.. I have been so completely nervous that I will loose the house… This would be the worst possible thing of course, not least due to the fact that I have invested all the money I own in this online store! So it better just a tad successful. Actually I do not dream of being rich – that isn’t something I ever dreamed of…! But I very much hope that I will be able to make a living! I don’t want to hold a normal dayjob beside the internet shop… We solely wish to offer the new strong elektronisk sigarett to all the people who is looking for this. Also due to the fact that this will make me feel really good – being aware of that the new kind of e sigarett is so much better for you. So I know for a fact that I will be improving many smokers’ general health!

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